Wor(l)d GN -  The Helo, amazing wearable technology that is a one of a kind, Life Sensoring Device.   https://my.worldgn.com/store/denisefiore

     --Blood Pressure  /  --EKG  /  --Heart Rate

     --Mood & Energy

     --Breath Rate

     --Steps, Distance, Calories Burned

     --Sleep Quality

     --Panic Button with GPS Locator

     --Remote Monitoring of Loved Ones

     --Monitor Sun Exposure

​     --Oxygen Level

     --Germanium Stones for Balancing the Body

Genetic Testing to help you achieve optimal health & Wellnes through diet & exercise that is tailored for your DNA plus Drug Sensitivity Testing to lower the risks of adverse drug reactions and attain optimal drug therapy.  Comprehensive reports you can share with your doctors & nutritionist.



                         - home and health products made from pure and potent ingredients for optimal performance.  Vitamin and mineral supplements, brain, bone & joint, heart, digestion, immune system, weight loss products, skin & hair care, pure water, green and clean non-toxic household products.  Shaklee gives you what you need to create healthier lives for you and your family at affordable prices.  

Our Health is Our Greatest Wealth!    Live, Feel & Look Younger Longer!


                                                    - Personal Care products for the entire family.  At Beautycounter, each ingredient is screened for safety. Bath & body, make up and skin care products are gentle, effective and toxin free.  SAFE for EVERYONE including current cancer patients, cancer survivors, pregnant & nursing moms.  "Never List" of over 1500 toxic ingredients that will never ever be used in any product.

Additional Features Coming Soon:

     --Blood Alcohol Level

     --Blood Sugar Level


     --Detecting Flu & Colds

​     --Mosquito Shield

Bio Zen Protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of Electrosmog which is emitted from all electronic devices including baby monitors, laptops and cellphones.  A small chip with a BIG Health benefit - Bio Zen, purchase at...  https://my.worldgn.com/store/denisefiore